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Mini candle "Didier Lab", BOHEMIAN, 45gr

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Mini candle 'Didier Lab', BOHEMIAN , 45gr.

Cypres & Incense Fragrance

Starting with a note of cypress which reveals scents of balsam and musk, accompanied by a hint of patchouli and clove aroma.

Candles are made from 100% palm oil. Handmade.

Luxurious scents and high concentration will allow you to enjoy a long-lasting choice of notes.

The keywords used in the names reflect a certain scent and the "style" of life. Gaelic blossoms smell LOVE, amra or vanilla resembles NAMUS and so on.

Just as a woman smells of her favorite perfume, evokes emotions and reveals her story, Didier Lab's home scents magically transform the home and work environment.

The name serves as a souffle candle to choose according to occasion or mood.

Each candle or scent of different design reflects a different emotion. Each label is like a part of a collection that can become a beautiful part of the interior. Different designs encourage the collection of the entire collection.